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Integrated Clinic Management (ICM)

Integrated Clinic Management (ICM) is a Clinic Practice Management Software created to equip most Medical Practitioners to organize, manage and generate the conventional daily and routine patients databases, diagnoses, management and treatment into a more systematic, up to date, time saving and sophisticated manner.

Why need ICM ?
  • If your medical practice occupying a small space

  • If your medical records getting big and utilizing certain portion of your clinic space

  • If your patient getting unsatisfied with delay in retrieving their medical record
    or your experiencing a high patient and staff turnover causing further stress

  • If your medical bills for your corporate clients is always overdue causing delay in medical fees settlement

  • If you are unable to keep track of your medical stock such as their prices, low level stocks, expiry dates and various vendor for your medical supplies.

  • If you are unable to keep track of your psychotropic drugs and medical certificates.

The ultimate choice in computerizing your medical practice is to:
Turn to ICM software.

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ICM - Modules

ICM (integrated Clinic Management) is a clinic practice management software for the private practitioners both specialist and general practitioners. 1t is written in Delphir 5, a widely used database language. The application running on client-server with (interbase) SQL based platform - WINDOWS 95,98,2000,ME,NT and XP environment . It can run via LAN and WAN(internet)


i) Patient Database Module (with clinical note and letter writing features).

ii) Drug Prescription & Inventory Module.

iii) Billing & Account receivable.



* record of patient's biodata : date of birth (with automatic calculation of age in years and months), sex, race, address, panel (to group patients into different panels for billing purposes), employee number, occupation, relation and staff name (for spouse and children of a staff), allergy (so that during dispensing arid writing clinical note the allergy will be highlighted), medical history, (a column to enter any important patient data), date and time of last visit and number of MC given.

* tracing of patient's record by registration number, Identity card number ,name, address, birth of date , family no and telephone number. Integrate a barcode system with it.

* printing of patient's registration form with barcode.

*Appointments – set appointment for patients to see a specific doctor or clinic location.

*Patient Queue/waiting – Display patient in queue

* Capture Patient Image / Guaranty Letter with Twain devices(Digital Camera&Scanner).

* Medical certificate, issuing of MC, Time Slip, keeping a record of Mc,s, Immunization, Med.checkup.

* Patient Message Alert.


· free flow note writing, pull down menus to help in entering key words (3 types of menus are available for history Symptoms/diagnosis/finding/Allergy).

* printing clinical notes, note pad for writing simple letter.

* standard letters can be stored and used with or without alteration.

* can be used to store patients educational materials.


* vendor record : keep a list of vendors (drug companies), keep track of purchases (according to invoices, date and amount), report of total purchase according to one vendor or all vendors, payment to vendors according to invoices, keep track on the account of each vendor, print the stock movement.
* for particular drug, data on each drug including drug name, dosage etc, unit cost calculation of each drug is automatic, preset dosage and quantity to be given, preset selling price of each drug, warning allergy, low stock and expiry stock, report on usage of each drug (detail of purchase of each drug), report on the stock level, total cost of each drug and grand total cost of all drugs.

* dispensing of drug : pull down screen for entering drug name, preset dosage, quantity given can be altered, past medication can be recalled and prescribed, automatic deduction of stock level after each prescription, choice are a prescription slip or label, prescription label contains drugs name amount/dosage/precaution, one type of label for all types of drugs (label/liquid/external preparation), record of prescription for schedule B drugs and psychotropic drugs can be printed for DCA inspections.


* for cash patient : itemized bill printing, receipt printing, total cash collection is posted to the account module.

* for panel patient : choice of itemized billing or general billing, end of month invoicing, a list of panel companies with mailing address is kept, no need to point envelope if invoice is generated, allows cross check on billing details for each patient, invoice number to panels can be automatic or manual, automatic or manual generation of invoices, keeps statement of account Invoice and payment .
* keep simple account to record your income and expenditure calculation of total cash collection, total panel collection and total drug expenditure.

AND MORE…………..


  • CMS ( Customer Management Systems)

CMS dibangunkan oleh Jurutera System komputer tempatan untuk memudahkan wakil takaful menguruskan maklumat pelanggan Takaful/Insuran. Sistem ini sesuai digunakan untuk semua Agency Manager atau wakil takaful/insuran yang mempunyai customer melebihi 10 orang. Anda boleh download trial(demo) software dan mencuba sebelum membeli.

  • Integrated Clinic Management (ICM)

Clinic Practice Management Software created to equip most Medical Practitioners to organize, manage and generate the conventional daily and routine patients databases, diagnoses, management and treatment into a more systematic, up to date, time saving and sophisticated manner.

  • Tusyen Management system(TMS)

In Progress

  • Unittrust expert system(UES)

In Progress



1. Klinik Dr Khalid & Dr. Wan Julia Taman Kosas Ampang. Tel: 03-4931535
2. Klinik Dr Khalid & Dr Wan Julia Taman Putra Ampang
3. Klinik Dr Khalid & Dr Wan Julia Taman Sri Rampai ,Setapak Tel:03-4124934
4. Klinik Dr Khalid & Dr Wan Julia Taman Cheras Perdana, Cheras. Tel:03-9068960
5. Klinik Khair & Rakan-rakan Taman Sri Gombak Tel: 03-61888422 - ICM6.0
6. Klinik Zain & Zakaria Gombak Tel:03-6898328
7. Klinik Zain & Zakaria Selayang Tel:0361383799
8. Klinik Kita Ampang Tel:03-42922022
9. Klinik Keluarga Dr. Hj. Mohd Khadzali Taman Permata Ulu Kelang. Tel:03-4083716
10. Klinik Perkasa Taman Shamelin Cheras KL Tel:03-9811541
11. Klinik Azhar Pantai Dalam KL Tel:03-2833550
12. Klinik Perdana Jln T.Abd, Rahman KL
13. Klinik Rasa Sri Kembangan Sg Besi Tel: 03-9433727
14. Klinik Abd Razak Tmn Putra Ampang (4963870)
15. Klinik Tasron dan Surgeri Bgn Dato Zainal KL Tel:03-2944926
16. Klinik Maamor Tasik Tambahan Ampang Tel:03-4939300
17. Klinik Rasmani Sg. Besi Tel:03-9585926
18. Klinik Rosli Sek 18 Shah Alam Tel:03-5413119
19. Klinik Ikhwan Meru, Klang Tel:03-3924125
20. Klinik Pergigian Saidah sek 14 PJ (03-7559290)
21. Klinik Pergigian Dan Orthodontik Nooriah Taman Permata Tel:03-4086001
22. Pusat Rawatan Islam Al-Zaharah Bangi Tel:03-9426058
23. Klinik Dr Khalid & Wan Julia Setiawangsa.
24. Klinik Maamor Desa Tasik Selatan
25. Klinik AL-Huda Bangi Tel:89222072/019-6510066
26. Specialist Heartcare Centre, Dr. Shattar Tel:40213086
27. Poliklinik Keluarga Dr Norliza Taman Melawati Tel:41064080/0122699370
28. Poliklinik Sijangkang Kelang S’ngor Tel : 31227234
29. Pusat Perubatan Bangi Tel: 89251491
30. Poliklinik AL-HAJ Bangi Tel:89267675
31. Naturo-Wellness Clinic –Sri Hartamas Tel:03-4300980
32. Klinik KITA Poliklinik & Surgeri Ampang. Dr Zaimah Tel:03-42963279
33. Klinik KARISMA Hentian Kajang Tel:87337160
34. Klinik Bersalin Bdr Tun Razak Tel: 0133312333

35. Klinik Al-Ahzim Bkt Baru Melaka. Tel:06-2824259 – ICM6.0
36. Klinik Al-Ahzim Tampin . (06- 4419264 )
37. Klinik Al-Ahzim Klebang (06-3153707)
38. Klinik Dr. Azman Tanjung Keling Tel:06-3154742
39. Klinik Al-ahzim Tanjung Minyak
40. Klinik Al-Ahzim Telok Mas.
41. Klinik Penawar Bukit Baru Tel:06-2828091
42. Klinik Penawar & Pembedahan MMU Melaka Tel:013-6222688
43. Klinik Maiza Tmn Chin Baru Melaka Tel:06-3121185
44. Klinik Dr Azmi Linggi Tel:06-6970022
45. Klinik Dr Norman Bt Berendam Tel: 06-3178300
46. Klinik Dr Norman Semabok Tel: 06-2826945

1. Klinik Harun Sri Manjung Perak Tel:05-6882948
2. Klinik Kamal & Li Air Tawar Perak Tel:05-6725007
3. Klinik Yusof Bidor Perak. Tel:05-4341522
4. Klinik Ahsan Hutan Melintang Perak. Tel:05-6413790
5. Poliklinik Tan & Lee Ipoh Perak Tel:05-2412653
6. Klinik Dr Ng Ipoh Perak
7. Klinik Dr Koh Chan Sing Ipoh Perak
8. Klinik Dr Chong Kg. Koh Sitiawan Perak.

9. Mediklinik Ehsan Alor Star Kedah Tel:04-7323816 / 7145770 Dr. M.Fuad
10. Klinik Keluarga Changlun Kedah. Tel:04-9242621
11. Klinik Yahya Pokok Sena Kedah Tel:04-7821450
12. Hospital PUTRA Alor Setar Kedah Tel:04-7342888


13. Poliklinik Chong Kangar Perlis Tel:04-9779668
14. Poliklinik Penawar Kuala Perlis Tel:04-9852372


15. Klinik Faizal Dan Rakan-rakan Bdr Baru Uda Tel:07-2369202

CMS ( Customer Management Systems)

CMS di bangunkan oleh Jurutera System komputer tempatan untuk memudahkan wakil Takaful menguruskan maklumat pelanggan Takaful/Insuran. Sistem ini sesuai untuk semua agen takaful atau wakil insuran yang mempunya customer melebihi 10 orang Anda boleh download trial(demo) software dan mencuba sebelum membeli.

CMS - Soalan dan Jawapan

Q : Apakah Applicakasi CMS ?
A : Aplikasi CMS merupakan applikasi takaful/insuran yang dibangunkan oleh Jurutera Sistem tempatan untuk wakil takaful/Insuran.

Q : Apakah fungsi Applicakasi CMS ini?
A : Aplikasi CMS berfungsi untuk membantu Wakil Takaful/Insuran bagi menguruskan pangkalan data(database) pelanggang , contohnya untuk mengetahui laporan pelanggan yang belum meyelesaikan bayaran, laporan anggaran komisyen dan lain lain

Q : Apakah program ini mudah digunakan?
A : Program ini sangat mudah digunakan dan manual pengguna juga disediakan.

Q : Bagaimana cara mendapatkan trial/demo software tersebut ?
A : Demo software dan manual pengguna boleh didapati di sini

Q : Bagaimana cara untuk install software tersebut?
A : Sangat mudah, Hanya perlu run Database dan juga applikasi. Sila Clik untuk mendapatkan panduan installation.

Q : Berapakah harga program tersebut?
A : Harga software adalah RM 200 (install sendiri) atau RM 250(onsite installation)

Q : Bagaimana cara pembayarannya?
A : Pembayaran dilakukan by hand ( bagi lembah kelang) atau pemindahan wang ke akaun :
• Maybank Berhad Account No : 514057050985
• CIMB Account No : 125500000419057

Q : Bagaimana caranya mendapatkan program akhir ?
A : Pengguna hanya point pangkalan data yang baru iaitu CMS.GDB dilokasi C:\Program Files\CMS . Activation key akan dihantar melalui sms.

Q : Bagaimana jika saya ingin menghubungi customer care CMS ?
A : Anda dapat menghubungi Amzi email address : mohd.amzi@yahoo.com , Yahoo Messenger ID : mohd.amzi atau mobile no: 017-2860971.